Policy Design

Reference Scenarios already provide interesting information on which SDGs and Targets can be achieved by 2030 under scenario-specific assumptions, and which cannot. The quality of development behind different scenarios will also highlight which targets are alternatively achievable.

Conceived in order to address challenges left open or worsened by the development in the next 15 years, policy interventions are implemented in the model in order to see to what extent they can improve overall sustainability in the targeted countries and which is their burden (either domestic or through financial transfers, including Official Development Assistance).

Policy scenarios will consider the implementation of:

  • Social Policies that aim at reducing poverty, inequality and hunger, as well as improving health and education status
  • Environmental Policies complying with international climate mitigation targets as well as sustainable use of land, water and natural resources.

Compared to the reference scenarios, policy scenarios will help understand the implications of sustainability policies on meeting SDGs.